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Terme di Bormio
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Bormio spa and wellness

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Bormio hot springs spa resort : Terme di Bormio and Bagni di Bormio

The great therapeutic benefits of the thermal spa waters of Bormio were already well-known and appreciated in Roman times, as the writings of Pliny the Elder and Cassiodorus confirm, who recommended them as cures for numerous illnesses. Even Leonardo da Vinci, in 1493, on his way back from a journey, wrote that “Bormio lies at the top of Valtellina. In Bormio there are the baths”
In1493 also Lleonardo Da vinci ,coming back from one of his journey, wrote “at the top of the Valtellina there is Burni. In burni are the baths.”

The nine springs of hot thermal water gushing out from Mount Reit, the mountain standing over Bormio are used nowadays in three large wellness centres capable of offering overall more than fifty different facilities suitable for all needs, ranging from beauty farm to wellness treatments, from therapeutic cures to play areas suitable for children and families.

Bormio Terme, fed from the Cinglaccia spring, is subdivided into two sections: “Sport and Wellness” and “Thermal Spa Treatment”, many of which are recognised by the national health services. In this establishment you also find a thermal spa-water sports swimming-pool, a thermal spa “loggia” with a view directly overlooking the ski slopes and spacious areas for relaxation as well as an area containing slides and games equipment for younger guests.

The “Bagni Vecchi” are the oldest spa, housed between the rocks. Along the street that leads to the Stelvio Pass. The spa dates back to the middle age has big and outdoor pool and a natural crave dug into the mountain.

The most ancient thermal spa establishment is the Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths), along the road leading to the Stelvio Pass. The establishment, dating from the medieval period, also offers a characteristic large outdoor pool and a natural sweating grotto dug out of the mountainside.

Just a short distance away, surrounded by a large monumental park, the Bagni Nuovi rise: opened to the public in 1836 they have recently been restored and offer charming itineraries in the thermal spa-waters as well as a spacious outdoor area surrounded by natural greenery.

Bormio hot springs spa resort

Bormio Spa Centres

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